Here are all the entries from our old product development blog.

Facebook Page
22/11/11 17:25
Crap Away is on Facebook too. Check out Crap Away.

The New Site is Live
22/11/11 17:17
This site went live for the first time today. I hope you enjoy it. One fun feature is the Slogan Contest. If you can think of a fun or funny slogan for Crap Away, you might win a case of toilet paper.

We tried to work something out with but it didn’t happen.
20/11/11 14:14
We used to have a relationship with ShitBeGone. We used to sell their product and when their brand folded, we tried to get them to revive the brand. We had even hoped that they would be part of this project and invited them to do so. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so we will have to go our own way.

Crap Away – The Brand – Launches
18/11/11 17:12
Welcome to the launch of the Crap Away brand. We are trying to get enough customer attention to launch a new brand of toilet paper. Toilet paper that will be embraced by regular people, people with a good sense of humor. Crap Away will be the brand for you. If this sounds like something you would like, visit our Kickstarter project for more information.