Crap Away History

Who Am I:  My name is Tom Nardone.  In 1998 I began a career selling embarrassing products online.  Since that time I’ve sold over $20M worth of personal care products.  I’ve seen a lot during this period and I’ve learned a lot. 

My Vision:  25 Billion (with a B) rolls of toilet paper are sold each year in the U.S.  They shouldn’t all be boring. I want to start a new brand of toilet paper that has personality.  It will be fun, funny, honest, and a bit silly.  I call it “Crap Away”. You can pre-order Crap Away toilet paper through a crowd-sourcing site. 

Why Am I Conducting This Project:  I believe that the way that toilet paper is sold is completely out-of-step with the customers.  Marketers are underestimating the sense of humor of their customers.  I want to change this.  I want to launch a toilet paper brand that sells based upon personality.  I will call it Crap Away. 

Do I Have Experience With Toilet Paper?  I run a number of online retail websites.  Many years ago I sold a toilet paper brand called Shit Be Gone.  Shit Be Gone was initially the project of a New York City artist who created his toilet paper brand as a commentary, but at his exhibition people wanted to buy some.  It was covered by the media and I was one of the few retailers that sold ShitBeGone online at my site.  I was surprised at how well it sold.  I believe I sold over 1,000 rolls of ShitBeGone.

Selling it was easy.  Customers loved the cheeky nature of ShitBeGone and everyone needs toilet paper.  Unfortunately I knew that its success would be limited.  The name was too profane for retail store shelves and without large-scale sales the brand couldn’t be manufactured economically.  Also, the artist was operating out of his apartment in New York City, hardly a shipping and warehousing hub.  Eventually the artist abandoned the ShitBeGone brand and went to law school. 

This year I even tried to revive the brand to give this project life, but I was unsuccessful.  Instead, I decided to launch a new product with a less-offensive name:  Crap Away. 

So Crap Away is a second life for the idea of an edgy toilet paper brand.  I have learned from past mistakes, cleaned up the name, retained the cheeky nature and I will use Kickstarter to reach a large volume of sales to make the economics work for our brand.

How Will This Project Work:  When you pre-order Crap Away brand toilet paper you are expressing a vote of confidence.  If enough pre-orders come in, the project will get the green light and I’ll be able to order the toilet paper in a large batch at a great price.  I will then fill your orders and be left with some extra TP and some funds.  I will use these funds to launch Crap Away at a consumer products trade show. 

If all goes well, we’ll find a buyer willing to sell their customers fun toilet paper.  Then Crap Away will become a volume brand.  With volume sales we’ll be able to compete with any other toilet paper brand on price and quality, but Crap Away will have much more personality.  It could be a big success.

When Will This Happen:  This project will conclude funding at the very beginning of 2012.  One trade show is taking place in April, so the whole process could be quite fast.  We will probably sink or swim within 12 months. 

What Will Crap Away Be Like:  Two-ply, soft, embossed, nice.  Crap Away will be similar to many brands of toilet paper in texture, feel and price.  We will partner with a paper mill that makes terrific toilet paper.  So it will be a great product.  But Crap Away will be fun.  We’ll be the only brand of toilet paper with a sense of humor. 

How Will The Money Be Used:  Custom Toilet paper isn’t something you can order $100 worth of.  It requires a large order.  Your pledge will be like a pre-order for toilet paper.  If the project is successful we’ll have enough funds to economically purchase your TP and to fund our first trade show appearance.  My goal is to bring Crap Away to a major trade show and to get it onto the shelves of at least one major chain of stores. 

Kickstarter is a great venue to launch a business like this.  If the project is successful, not only will I have enough funds to pitch this product, but I will have proven that hundreds of people (like you) have already purchased my product.  If the funding is not successful, my kids college fund is still intact and I have lost only my own effort.  I love Kickstarter!  

Where Else Does The Money Go?  That’s about it, you are buying TP and a trade show.  The labor required to design, launch, and market Crap Away will be handled by myself and my employees at PriveCo, the company that I own.  Since I will become the equity owner of this venture I won’t need compensation.  That seems very fair to me, I hope you see it that way as well. 

I want this to succeed financially.  My goal is to make sure your funds are used as wisely as possible.  My performance will reflect the brand Crap Away:  Fun yet economical. 

Conclusion:  With our combination of personality, product, and reasonable pricing, I feel that Crap Away can find success in a very large market. 

My Vision:  25 Billion (with a B) rolls of toilet paper are sold each year in the U.S.  They shouldn’t all be boring. 

Thank you!

Tom Nardone