Fundraising Video


This video is no longer available.


In the past, if you were smart, you did two things before you launched a business. First you tried to find out if people would be interested in buying your product. If so, then you raised money to produce the stuff. Now, there is a new method that does both of these things at once. It is called Crowdsourcing and one popular website to do it with is

Here is how it works. Someone (like us) creates a project that describes their product and what they plan to do. Then they offer some reward for backing the project. The reward can be anything, in our case it is toilet paper. When you pledge funds to our project you get the promise of toilet paper. But here is the coolest part. No one is charged for the project unless ALL of the money is raised. That way the project won’t get bogged down, it is all or nothing. If we raise enough pledges the project “triggers” and at that time everyone is charged and the project charges forward. If we don’t raise enough funds, I guess it means that no one is that crazy about our toilet paper idea, so we can all walk away. 

Anyway, here is the movie that we created for our Kickstarter project. I hope you like it.