Slogan Contest


Part of What Crap Away is All About, is Fun. That is why we are asking for your help in creating a fun slogan for our unusual brand of toilet paper. Feel free to use the form below to submit a possible slogan for Crap Away. I’ll publish some good ones and pick an overall winner. The winner will get a free case of Crap Away toilet paper delivered right to their bathroom (or front door depending on how cool your UPS guys is). Also, you’ll be able to see your slogan used on our toilet paper. 

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Here are some of the entries we’ve already received:
* Helps everything come out OK in the end.
* Looking for great toilet paper? Crap Away.
* Truth in Wiping
* It’s Craptastic
* For people who are full of crap
* Back to front, front to back for your nose or for your crack.
* No butts about it, it’s craptastic
* Front to Back, It’ll Clean Your Crack
* Crap Away – Since You Have To Anyway
* Better Than Your Bare Hand
* Shhhh It’s Amazing
* Soft High Integrity Toilet Paper
* Dingleberry-Free Formula
* Leave No Crap Behind
* The World’s First Two-Side Toilet Paper
* The First Toilet Paper for Left-handed People
* Gets You Clean In The End
* Be Kind To Your Behind